TIMELESS by EYLLYE is part of the fashion trend of "slow fashion" with timeless collections, without constraint of season. In a casual-chic style, the garments are minimalist and out of time. They are shaped on your body to adapt to the contexts as well as to your state of mind. The clothing is in a conceptual spirit. It results in a play of contrast and balance by: full-empty, line-curve, graphic rigor and flexibility of the material.

With partners of choice, TIMELESS by EYLLYE pays particular attention to the quality of its products, the raw materials are noble and the products are exclusive. Made in France with a high-end positioning, the collection is worn like a second skin and is declined in black.


Black as main color

Black color predominates and plays with light by its intensity and contrasts. Timeless, the color is worn at any time, it structures the space and the silhouette by redefining the shapes. Complementary to the light, it emphasizes the color with which it is associated. Between contrast and balance, the ranges of black resonate with each other: mats, slightly glossy or reliefed, deep black or transparent black. Depending on the fabric and texture, each black captures the light and expresses its intensity in a different way, like a painting of the artist Soulage.


From the cut to the fabric

Inspired by contemporary architecture, the minimalist cuts are structured on the body or highlight it like a second skin. The garment is animated through a play of proportions and geometry in space, where the shape is detached from the background. "Less is more" becomes the leitmotiv of a design with graphic cuts - minimalist and studied - where the garments (are) sculpt(ed) (on) the body.

The choice of fabrics is essential in the creative process. Clothing is both the extension of body and mind. The comfort is privileged and the touch of the textile must be pleasant to act like second skin. At the same time, cocoon or armor, it envelops the body, protects it and brings a certain well-being.


A timeless wardrobe

Through its collections, Timeless by Eyllye offers a real innovative wardrobe. All the potential is expressed by the garment to sublime femininity. Versatile and adaptable, the pieces of clothes become a way to express the personality by adapting garments to needs and desires. Involve your creativity and appropriate clothing so that it suits you and evolves according to your state of mind. The Bespoke range offers you exclusive clothing which fit to your morphology.

Regenerate your skin and find a second youth by wearing the Anti-aging set. This innovative textile technology helps rejuvenate, firm and moisturize your skin. The hyaluronic acid nanoparticles added to the textile fiber stimulate the natural creation of collagen in your body.

In addition to ready-to-wear, Timeless by Eyllye offers a range of leather bracelets. These accessories complete a look, they balance it by a match of texture or color. In precious leathers, bracelets are available in black patterned leather. In lambskin leather, the color expresses itself in timeless tones to bring a touch of light.

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