S-2.6010C30 Multiway necklace - bracelet - leash - 3 adjustable straps - black leather + Chain


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Multiway accessory: Set of 3 adjustable straps in black cowhide leather + 4 gunmetal color carabiner rings and chain, to be worn as necklace, bracelet or leash

The straps with chain can be composed as you wish and adjusted in different ways on the body, they also fit into our modular clothing. Each element is detachable, they can also be worn separately such as a key ring, a bracelet,  belt, or different necklaces,...

Use our articles by giving free rein to your imagination, and increase the possibilities tenfold.


Details :

Set of 3 straps with metal chain: to be worn separately (Bracelet, belt, necklace etc.) or combined (harness, leash), Elements can be incorporated into our multiway garments and other accessories from our Wardrobe.


• 3 adjustable straps in black cowhide leather (origin France) with chain

- Straps width: 2 cm

- Straps full length: 60cm, 10 cm and 30 cm

• Edge tinted black

• Perforated along the entire length to adjust the size

• Closure: 2 black screwback round head button studs (brass) per strap

• + 1 metal carabiner ring gunmetal color (Zamak) per strap

• + 1 metal chain (120 cm) gun metal color, with metal carabiner ring


• One size - adjustable Elements


• Total length elements (fastened) with clasp

- strap 2.60 = frome de 29 to 52 cm

- strap 2.10 = 5 cm

- Chaine 120 = ajustable from 61 to 121 cm

- strap 2.30 = 16-22  cm


• Handmade in France, from French raw materials.

• Hot stamping of our "EYLLYE" Leathergoods range on the inside of this strap.

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Timeless straps in black leather, play with combinations and styles, casual or chic, sexy or classic, and bring the final touch to your look.

Genderless and without size constraints, these leather straps adjust to the body and adapt as desired. Combine these items with other straps from our wardrobe, play with lengths, and combinations. Wear them in several ways or combine them with our multiway clothes from our wardrobe to multiply the possibilities. Simply, be creative, appropriate these item and transform them in unlimited ways.

Our leathers are selected with the greatest care from recognized European suppliers. Our products are unique and handcrafted in small quantities in our french workshops. Surface texture, markings or color variations are not imperfections or defects; they underline the authenticity of the product translated by the tactile and visual aspects specifically desired by our designer.



Strap: 100% Cowhide Leather

 Clasp (Screwback roundhead button studs) : 100% Brass

Snap hook ring: 100% Zamak

• Chain : 100% Steel

Styles Causual-chic, Rock-chic, Genderless
Propriétés Combo (items), + Easy fit / Adjustable (Items)
Category Ego Play, The Wardrobe, Leathergoods
Taille One size
  • Adjustable (60cm) strap in black cowhide leather + 1 gunmetal-colored snap hook ring. Unisex Leather Strap to combine with other of our leather straps to extend the length of a belt, or to add to our (versatile) Garments from our Wardrobe to expend the possibilities by creating new items. Mix and match it the way you want without creative limits....

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  • Adjustable (30cm) strap in black cowhide leather + 1 gunmetal-colored snap hook ring. Unisex Leather Strap to wear like a bracelet, to add to our versatile Garments to create new items, or to mix with other straps to expend the length of a belt or any way without creative limits.       Features:    Mutiway : Strap, Bracelet Extension for: Straps, Belts...

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  • Adjustable (10 cm) strap in black cowhide leather + 1 gunmetal-colored snap hook ring. Unisex Strap to use as key ring , or to add to other leather straps to expend the length of or adjustable belts or bracelets. Combine it to our (versatile) Garments from The Wardrobe to expend the possibilities. Mix and match it the way you want without creative...

    33,33 € In Stock
    In Stock
  •  Transform this long chain strap according to your mood and wear this accessory in more than 7 different ways: as necklaces 1, 2 or 3 ranges), multi-tour bracelets or in several styles of belts. Play on styles according to your desires and situations, by mixing this item with otherone from the Wardrobe, or combine it to our multiway dresses or straps to...

    79,17 € Made-to-order

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