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FAQ : Why we don't have sales?

FAQ : Why we don't have sales?

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Unlike most of brands, we have made the choice not to offer sales. We believe in a different approach to fashion, focusing on sustainability, customization, and fair prices.


No sales for a fair price


What is our approach to fashion?


We are committed to providing a unique clothing experience with an emphasis on timeless and versatile styles. Our items are designed to allow our customers to express their personality and creativity. We prioritize quality, design, and the use of exceptional materials, carefully selected from Western Europe, and we manufacture our models in France.





How do our prices differ from other fashion brands?


We practice fair pricing for our products. Unlike the significant profit margins typically applied in the fashion industry (x 8-10), we maintain margins that are only half of those found in major fashion group brands. As artisan-designer, we believe that quality should not come at exorbitant prices. Therefore, we offer exclusive and sustainable products, made-to-order, entirely manufactured ethically and locally, at fair prices because we do not generate overstock.



How do we reward customer loyalty?


Instead of organizing sales, we have implemented a loyalty program to reward our regular customers. This program offers exclusive benefits such as discounts on future purchases, gifts, special events, and special offers. Customers can enroll by providing their contact information and making specific purchases or taking specific actions. Loyalty points or levels are awarded based on each customer's activity and can be used to obtain rewards.





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