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FAQ : Why we don't have sales?

FAQ : Why we don't have sales?

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Unlike standards, we have decided not to have sales. We believe in a different approach to fashion, through permanent items, focused on timelessness, sustainability, and hyper-personalization, while practicing fair prices.


No sales for a fair price


An approach based on eco-design


We are committed to providing a unique clothing experience with a focus on timeless and versatile styles. Our items are designed to allow our customers to express their personality and creativity. For the creation of our garments and accessories, we prorize quality and sustainability, through timeless and functional designs, exceptional European materials, as well as exclusively French manufacturing. Additionally, as all the items from our Ward-robe are permanent and made to order, we do not generate overstock of products. Therefore, we have decided not to have sales.





Fair margins for fair pricing


We strive to charge fair prices, applying reasonable margins on our products. Please note that the volume and country of production, as well as the quality of materials and their origin, have an impact on the price of a product. Likewise, additional costs linked to communication, infrastructure, logistics, or even material and human resources, as well as taxes, also influence the margins and pricing policy practiced by fashion brands. Each has different biases, depending on their positioning on the market, and can apply margins of up to 10x, between the cost price of a product and the selling price to the public. Some examples for a better overview:

- Fast fashion (or mass market) produces in mass, several hundred models per season in several tens of thousands of copies, and often sacrifices quality, to drive prices down while having more than comfortable margins (e.g. a dress sold for €30 will not even cost the brand €3);

- In the mid-range, the production volume remains high, with several thousand copies per model, but an effort is made on the quality of the materials (e.g. dress sold for €300 will cost the brand approximately €30-40 );

- High-end and luxury brands tend to limit their production volume in order to offer exclusive items, with a focus on quality, know-how and craftsmanship (e.g. high-end dress sold 1000€ will cost 100-150€, while a dress from a luxury brand sold for 10000€ will cost the brand around 1000-2000€).

- A designer brand has a volume of reasoned production until it creates unique pieces, it attaches importance to the quality, sustainability and originality of its products. Also the margins are more restricted in order to offer a quality product at a more affordable price (eg: a dress sold for €500 will cost the designer €75-200)

As an artisan-designer, we believe that quality should be accessible. Our products being both exclusive and durable, with made-to-order production and entirely French manufacturing, we try to keep prices as fair as possible.  



Discount and loyalty points for our customers


In the absence of sales, we wanted our customers to benefit from discounts commensurate with their involvement. Also, we have set up a loyalty program to reward our customers from their first purchase. This program offers exclusive benefits such as discounts on future purchases, gifts, special offers and events. Customers can register by providing their contact information and making specific purchases or actions. Loyalty points or levels are awarded based on each customer's activity and can be used to obtain rewards and discounts.





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