100% Made in France


We are proud to control, within our workshop, all the stages giving life to our products, from the concept to the drawing, from the realization of the prototype to the manufacture.

We favor local production and proximity to our partners. This is why we have made the bold choice to produce all of our items entirely in France.

Most of our articles are made to order, or made to measure, and handcrafted. We also produce some models in small series, based on material type. However, all our items remain permanent throughout seasons, accentuated by their timelessness and their various functionalities.

By controlling our entire production chain, and optimizing our designs, we minimize the loss of raw materials and waste. We also care about the environment and the ecological impact, which is why some of our Garments and accessories are made from deadstocks. We believe durability is important, and we want to help you keep the items you love longer through our repair service.

Our goal is to offer you unique, high-quality, sustainable and timeless products,while valuing French craftmanship and respecting the environment.



Garments and accessories made-to-measure in limited edition


The clothes and accessories we create are entirely made in France, either in our workshops or in close collaboration with our french partners, in compliance with strict standards in terms of quality and ethics. The items are made to order or produced in limited editions to offer you unique products adapted to your desires.



french handcraft


We take pride in on our craftsmanship and attention to detail. To guarantee superior quality, we handcraft our leathergoods from cutting to assembly to finishing, ensuring that each item is unique and crafted with precision.

We are also attentive to our most demanding customers. This is why we offer a made-to-measure service to meet their specific morphological needs. We place great importance on customer satisfaction by providing them a superior quality service at every stage of the purchase process.





Most of our items are made to order, to limit overstocks, but especially to meet the specific needs of our customers. In addition, from time to time, we run pre-order campaigns on a selection of items.

We work in partnership with French workshops for the production of our models in (small) series. When we produce an item in series, production is strictly limited to 100 copies per model, in order to preserve their exclusivity and uniqueness.

Manufactured in limited edition



Timeless and permanent pattern


We believe fashion shouldn't be fleeting. This is why we have created a permanent collection in the form of a wardrobe. Our itemss are designed to last, with timeless designs and original and refined patterns.

We carefully selected the finest materials for our articles, ensuring that they are in harmony with the shapes we create. This approach allows us to adapt our timeless designs in a variety of high quality materials.

We work every day to create clothes that have minimal impact on the environment, but maximum impact on your style and comfort. With our timeless designs, you can feel at the forefront of fashion while ensuring that you're investing in items that will stand the test of time.





We encourage our customers to shape the clothes and accessories according to their personality and morphology.Therefore, we develop designs that allow for maximum comfort and functionality.

Without size constraint, the clothes adapt to the morphology through the material and are sculpted on the body, offering maximum freedom.

Our products are infinitely customizable, thanks to a design that offers the possibility to transform and modulate the items according to your desires.

Through thoughful and optimized designs, we minimize waste and scraps of leather or fabric.

Smart multiway designs




smart fashion, repenser la mode


In our approach to sustainability, we encourage the reuse of materials to reduce waste and preserve our planet.

By controlling our entire production chain, we are able to limit the loss of raw materials while optimizing our designs to offer you unique and sustainable products. Moreover, we are concerned about our environmental impact, which is why some of our garments and accessories are made from dead stocks materials.



Zero waste: nothing is wasted 


Because we believe that "Nothing is lost, everything is transformed", we are obsessed with quality and innovation. In this spirit, we are committed to minimizing waste from our manufacturing process. While we are proud to use premium materials for our products, we are also aware that this can generate scraps of leather or fabric. This is why we have implemented measures to reuse these materials.

In addition, we have chosen to use top-of-the-range dead stocks materials for the production of certain models. This allows us to minimize waste while providing top quality products to our customers.




We believe it is important to be responsible for our production, our materials and our waste. That's why we've adopted a creative approach to minimizing leather waste and reusing it.

We reuse leather scraps to create small leather goods accessories such as key rings or straps. In addition, we use these scraps to create elements for our branding.

Reuse of leather scraps



upcycle and recreate new items 


Through upcycling, we are able to give a second life to materials, such as leather or fabric, and transform them into something useful and practical.

We have designed functional dust bags, that fit perfectly to our accessories, to ensure maximum protection.

By reusing leather and fabric scraps, we are committed to a sustainable approach that helps to reduce waste. Thus, we will continue to seek new and creative ways to reuse and enhance materials, and offer high-quality products to our customers.




We are also proud to offer a repair service for all items purchased from us. We believe in the importance of extending the lifespan of our products to reduce their carbon footprint and provide you with quality after-sales service. To help you keep the items you love longer, we're here to help with any repair or alteration requests.

Repair Service 





French Design and manufacturing


We are convinced that our commitment to local, ethical and responsible production is the key to our success. Join us in our approach for sustainable fashion that is imbued with freedom."





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