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Be unique - Express yourself.

Minimaliste and Hyper-adaptable Garments and Leathergoods.



Be creative and express yourself. 

Give back consideration to your body and clothing.



We create versatile and intuitive garments and accessories: 

Mix and match items according your mind, adapt them to the body shape,

transform them according the contextes, play on styles beyond the seasons.



Tranformable hooded overcoat Transformable hooded top Transformable black skirt Versatile black dress Versatile long dress Transformable long dress Versatile cape Versatile long skirt  Transformable long skirt



A Timeless and Mindful Wardrobe


Timeless by Eyllye offers a mindful evolving wardrobe with timeless statement pieces. 

A minimal-chic style for Garments and Leathergoods in a dark aesthetic. 

A dialogue between Time-Matter-Line-surface and Mind-Body-Movement-Space.



Fashion is not just a trend, it is a reflection of oneself. Intuitive, the wardrobe invites to creativity through a game of contrasts and balances, where the items are layered, associated, transformed to be shaped to its image. The garments interact according to the mood to (be) sculpt(ed) (on) the body, transformed according to the context and vary the styles according to needs, beyond the seasons.


As founder of TIMELESS by EYLLYE and independent designer, Caroline Dodeller's vision comes from a need of adaptability against several contraints. The seasonless designs embodies the message of freedom and movement, and redefine the relationship to clothing by making items yours. All items are handcrafted in France in european high-end fabrics with added values.



Hyper-adaptables items to express yourself 

Mind - Bodyshape - Space - Time. 



- A timeless and scalable wardrobe to appropriate seasonless fashion without size constraints.

- A minimalist style for hyper-adaptable items to adapt to the mind.

- Black matter contrasts to play on associations and overlays.

- Comfortable and hight-end fabrics to wear like a second skin.

- Ergonomic and clean lines to fit the bodyshape.

- Graphic shapes and versatile volumes to transform according to the mood.

- Mindful items to do more with less, to adapt to space.

- A lifestyle to save moneysave space and keep longer the items you love.




Adapt - Transforme - Mix & match




Shape it to your mood and bodyshape





< Seasonless - Without size contraints / Express yourself >


An evolving, timeless and hyper-adaptable wardrobe as a Lifestyle

Graphic minimalism and dark aesthetics for seasonless designs. Reveal your creativity with hyper-adaptable and comfortable garments yo shape to your image. Interact with mindful and timeless items to mix and match to multiply the possibilities.



black and timeless wardrobe





Ajustables Garments without size contraints


Shape the body and the matter





< Seasonless, No size contraints, Transformable items and style> 


The garments (are) sculpt(ed) (on) the body by the fabric. 

Sculpt the fabric and shape it on the body to give a soul to the garments. Without size or shape constraints, the garments adapt to the morphology and transform according to the mood.



transformable and adaptable garments




Black leathergoods

Play with styles




< Traditionnal leather - Genuine exotique leather >


Leathergoods in a Minimal-Rock-chic style

Reveal the pattern of the black matter and play on contrasts and styles, casual or chic, with accessories in traditional or exotic leather. 


traditionnal and exotique Leather goods made in France _ Timeless by Eyllye





Ego play, Play with your Ego as you play with lego. Combine, mix and match, (re)built items from the wardrobe


(Re) Construct items with Essentials




<Express your Ego, combine these Essentials with other items to multiply the possibilities of looks and styles>


Essentials for the ego to play with items as with Legos.

Essential as must have to mix and match with any other item to (re)built new items, multiply the possibilities and looks.



Mix, match and play to express your ego with essentials





Fabric Lab - Anti-aging solution for the body


Fight against time




<Hyaluronic acid and gold integrated into the fiber of the garment to give your skin a second youth>


The 1st anti-wrinkle for the body to fight against the effects of time.

Innovative fabric with anti-aging benefits for the skin of the body du to its components directly integrated into the fiber before weaving. Hyaluronic acid associated with gold are integrated into the fabric to naturally stimulate the creation of collagen in the body. This process acts on the skin when the garment is worn and helps to hydrate, smooth and firm to rejevunate the skin.



Fabric Lab and textile research _ Timeless by Eyllye








  • Sporty or chic according to the fabric (mat jersey visicose or coated jersey), this leggings is gathered on the waist and on the ankles. Versatile, it can be worn in 3 ways. Details : • Versatile: from the Coveralls to the trousers • 3 ways to wear it: as Coveralls (belted at the waist), as Leggings (gathered on the waist) or as Sarouel pants (gathered...

    270,83 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Uniesxes Leather bracelet in black lambskin leather with pyramide pattern on central part, 2 cm width. Mention of the brand "EYLLYE" on the lining.   Details : • Leather bracelet triple tour • Black lambskin leather with pyramide pattern on the outside (2 raws on middle part) • Black cow leather on the (lining) • Closure: 1 black metal buttons (brass) •...

    66,67 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Halter dress, with cowl collar and hood, made of flowing jersey. Versatile piece of clothes that can be worn on 3 different ways.      Details : • Versatile in 3 versions: as dress, as top or as shoulder-warmer• Halter Top: gather it on the hips, the cowl collar can be worn like a hood • Cowl collar can be transformed into a hood• Over-edged...

    145,83 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Rectangular woolen cape with cross shaped scoop neckline, adjustable by belting the waist. Edged with leatherette cut ribbon and satin lined. Details : • Versatile wool cape • Rectangular shape • loose or belted • Edged with leatherette cut ribbon • Satin lining • Dry cleaning • Made in France

    395,83 € Available on demand, made-to-measure.
    Available on demand, made-to-measure.

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