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"Be what you are and express yourself"

black and timeless wardrobe


transformable and adaptable garments


Classic and exotique Leather goods made in France _ Timeless by Eyllye


Fabric Lab and textile research _ Timeless by Eyllye


Mix, match and play to express your ego


TIMELESS by EYLLYE offers more than simple clothes or accessories, we offer a lifestyle through an adaptable and timeless wardrobe. We invite you to a fun sartorial experience, where the customer interacts and makes own the clothes and accessories. It is no longer clothes that dictate fashion, it’s a way of self-expression, by playing on styles and mix and match shapes.

The clothes and accessories that we love, we want to conserve them as long as possible. We want to wear them without constraints (while traveling or simply on the move) by adapting them to our needs, our desires, our body type, simply different moments of our life.

We promote slow-fashion by working in an ethical and sustainable way. This is why we create seasonless products, which last over time du to it’s quality and design. The cuts are minimalist and black stands out as the dominant and timeless color. The pieces are adaptable (with very little or no size constraints), transformable (according to needs or desires). Our fabrics and leathers are carefully selected in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, ...) for their quality and characteristics. We favor sustainable and local production, by manufacturing our models in France.

By doing more with less, we encourage more responsible and reasoned consumption, to consume less and better, but with style.


avant garde fashion
minimal fashion clothes and accessories
seasonless highend clothing
Ethical fashion brand
sustainable fashion brand
Conceptual fashion
transformable and adaptable clothing
adjustable wardrobe
bespoke garments, clothes made on order
Timeless clothing and accessories
fashion tech and innovations
Anti aging garments and innovativ fashion


Must Have


  • Sporty or chic according to the fabric (mat jersey visicose or coated jersey), this leggings is gathered on the waist and on the ankles. Versatile, it can be worn in 3 ways. Details : • Versatile: from the Coveralls to the trousers • 3 ways to wear it: as Coveralls (belted at the waist), as Leggings (gathered on the waist) or as Sarouel pants (gathered...

    270,83 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Uniesxes Leather bracelet in black lambskin leather with pyramide pattern on central part, 2 cm width. Mention of the brand "EYLLYE" on the lining.   Details : • Leather bracelet triple tour • Black lambskin leather with pyramide pattern on the outside (2 raws on middle part) • Black cow leather on the (lining) • Closure: 1 black metal buttons (brass) •...

    61,67 € 66,67 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Halter dress, with cowl collar and hood, made of flowing jersey. Versatile piece of clothes that can be worn on 3 different ways.      Details : • Versatile in 3 versions: as dress, as top or as shoulder-warmer• Halter Top: gather it on the hips, the cowl collar can be worn like a hood • Cowl collar can be transformed into a hood• Over-edged...

    135,83 € 145,83 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • This shaped face mask in black stretch fabric, double layered cotton, covers the entire lower part of the face, from the upper part of the nose to under the jaw.Slided on an elastic band (easely removable and exchangeable if used), this face mask offers a double layer protection.            Details :      • Double layer coton protective face...

    31,25 € Do not hesitate to order, our masks are made on demand, in small quantities. Contact us directly, if you want to order larger volumes
    Do not hesitate to order, our masks are made on demand, in small quantities. Contact us directly, if you want to order larger volumes

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