Breathtaking materials



Our materials are selected with the greatest care for their properties and durability, from our French and European suppliers.

We use high-end materials that stand out for their visual, tactile, ergonomic and functional characteristics.

We pay particular attention to the hand and texture, the touch and comfort, the ease of care and durability of fabrics and leathers.



manteau laine noire doublé

Dark aesthetic


We put the material in the spotlight, enhancing its visual aspect and texture, through the depth of the black color and the minimalism of the cuts.

The materials (are) sculpt(ed) (on) the body and echo each other, in a game of contrasts and balances:

matte or shiny, smooth or textured, fluid or structured.

A sensory relationship where the items are transformed, combined, (re)composed, giving free rein to own creativity.

jersey viscose noir 

Comfort, Fonctionality, Sustainability


Our Fabrics and leathers come mainly from Western Europe (France, Italy, etc.).

They are distinguished by their appearance, their hand and their touch, their quality and resistance, as well as their properties.

Comfortable with a soft or textured touch, the materials used are easy to care for and durable over time, thanks to good dimensional stability (no deformation) and no pilling of the materials, even after several washes.


Sculpt the fabrics

Our warp & weft fabrics are selected for their quality, their hand and their feel, from our French and Italian weavers.

Timeless or noble, in silk, viscose or wool, the material is shaped origami-like.

Tied, adjusted, draped, the garment (is) sculpted (on) the body and structures the space to play on shapes and styles.


voile soie noire

We use Silk in the form of muslin, crepon, chiffon or veil, to play with the lightness of the material, the transparencies, the matte or satin aspect, the overlays or the drapes.

Viscose, dense and fluid, contrasts with its smooth and heavy hand, or with a grainy feel in crepe fabric.

The coated cottons, leather effect, underline the enveloping pieces made of supple and soft wool.


Our itmeless wrap and weft fabrics

voile soie noire  mousseline de soie noir  tissu noir lisse  manteau laine noire doublé

voile de soie noir  voile de soie noir  tissu crêpe noir  laine noire




2nd skin-like comfort 


Stretchy, soft and comfortable, the jersey garment becomes a second skin that is shaped and modeled according to the silhouette.

Our viscose jerseys knits, from Italy, are distinguished by their comfort and their characteristics. Easy to care for, our jerseys do not wrinkle, pill or deform.


jersey viscose noir


Our viscose jersey garmentss are worn like a second skin.

Casual or chic, the intensities of black materials play on contrasts with a matte or shiny appearance.

Structured or coated, for a leather effect, the fabric sheaths and redraws the silhouette.

Fluid with aplomb, the fabric glides over the skin and captivates with its softness.


Our 2nd skin-like Knits 

jersey viscose noir  jersey viscose jersey enduit  jersey viscose noir




Exceptional leathers

Smooth, textured, more or less grained, or even embossed, our leathers are selected for their aspect and characteristics, from our suppliers and our French tanners.

Each of our leather item is cut and worked by hand, enhancing the appearance and characteristics of each material.

Casual, rock or chic, our bracelets, belts and straps bring a touch of character to highlight the silhouette.


cuir noir python crocodile


We work with leather for its durability, but also for its appearance and the way the grain captures the light.

Functional and refined, our leather items are available in smooth or naturally grained leather (Cowhide, Lamb, Deer, etc.).

We also work with precious leathers (python, crocodile, etc.), for their atypical pattern and embossed (faux) leathers for their original relief.


Our precious leathers and traditional leathers 

simili cuir noir relief  cuir noir python crocodile  cuir agneau noir embossé

cuir cerf noir  cuir agneau noir  cuir lisse noir




Origine and manufacturing of our Fabrics & Leathers


As a French brand, since ever, we sourced our materials from local mills, based in western Europe.

Our suplliers, we met on Première Vision and we work with, are international well-known for their innovative, ethical and ecological approach. All the manufacturing process of the fabrics or the leathers is managed by the compagny itself.

Currently, more than 95% of fabrics and leathers used for our items arise from french or italian mills.



origine of our fabrics and leathers




  • Wrap & Weft fabrics : Silks (Garments) / silk-like viscose (garments)
  • Traditional Leather (plane & grained) : cowhide, lamb, sheep (Leathergoods)
  • Exotic Leathers: crocodile, python (Leathergoods) (only breeding takes place abroad, the rest of the process takes place in France)
  • Others : All Mettallic trims or elements
  • Upcycled deadstock leathers and fabrics : for some small items (colored bracelets, dust bags)



  • Knits: Jersey viscose ligth, strong or coated (Garments)
  • Wrap & Weft fabrics : leather-like coated Coton (Accessories)/ Wool (Garments)



  • Specific Leathers : embossed lamb leather, water snake skin (Leathergoods)




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