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  • Sleeveless tunic dress with wide collar. Versatile, this piece of clothes can be worn in 3 different ways. It’s made of jersey viscose and cord-trimmed with a satin cut ribbon.    Details : • Versatile: between a dress and a top • 3 ways to wear it: as a dress / tunic, inverted (top / bottom), as top with the hood or the wide collar • TUNIC DRESS: The...

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    In Stock
  • Dress with extra long sleeves, with a wide collar to transform the neckline. Play with the length of the dress for a classic or sexy style. Versatile piece of clothes, in viscose jersey, chich can be worn in more than 3 different ways. Details : • Versatile: as Top or a dress with or without sleeves • 4 ways to wear it: as a dress going until the knees...

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  • The low-necked tunic dress, exist in black or white (non transparent)  jersey viscose. A single seam mid back, give to this garment a minimalist line. Versatile, this tunic dress can also be worn like a top.   Details : • Versatile: Between tunic dress and a top • 2 ways to wear it: as a basic top or as a tunic dress • TUNIC DRESS : Wear this garment in...

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    In Stock
  • Top with wide collar or hooded, sleeveless garment, the armholes are crossed on the shoulders, in jersey and edged with leatherette cut ribbon. Versatile, this top can be worn in 2 different ways. Details : • Versatile in 2 versions: stylish or casual, as a dress in kimono style dress or as hooded top • Sleeveless hooded Top: the sleeves of the "Kimono...

    400,00 € Made to order, and made-to-measure. Enter your measurements.
    Made to order, and made-to-measure. Enter your measurements.
  • Multiway  Halter top, with cowl collar and hood, made of flowing jersey. Versatile piece of clothes that can be worn on more than 4 different ways.      Details : • Versatile in  more than 6 versions: as dress, as diferent kind of tops or as shoulder-warmer • Halter Top: gather it on the hips, the cowl collar can be worn like a hood  • Cowl collar can...

    187,50 € Made to order, made-to-measure.
    Made to order, made-to-measure.
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