Avant-garde fashion concept - Rethink Fashion

When functional minimalism becomes the new maximalism


At Timeless by Eyllye, we rethink fashion and challenge established norms. We believe fashion shouldn't be limited by fleeting trends or seasons. That's why we offer an innovative approach that transcends time and allows everyone to fully express their style through our clothing, beyond seasons.

Rethinking fashion, for us, means questioning the traditional relationship between clothing, body, space and time. Leaving conventional concepts behinds, we explore new creative possibilities. Our founder, Caroline Dodeller, is an avant-garde fashion designer who began rethinking fashion in the early 2000s. She ever has been obsessed with the timelessness and hyper-adaptability that an item can offer, and she invites us to restore an emotional connection to cothing  and to explore all dimension through our designs.

We offer an evolving and intuitive wardrobe that allows everyone to refine their own style without constraints. Our approach is based on four principles: appropriation, adaptation, transformation and expansion through new possibilities of combinations. By playing on the contrasts of black materials according to the state of mind, by sculpting the material according to the body shape, by transforming the clothes according to the contexts and by multiplying the possibilities of personalization beyond the seasons, reinvent styles in a endless way.

Our goal is to allow you to keep, renew and optimize your wardrobe, by creating clothes that transcend the seasons and that adapt to your personal evolution. Rethinking fashion with Timeless by Eyllye means opening up to a new vision of clothing. We invite you to embrace timelessness, to express your personality by exploring new horizons of style.


ID - exprimer sa personnalité

ID - Play with contrasts of dark matter to express yourself

In our avant-garde approach, we highlight the exploration of contrasts in black materials to allow you to express your style according to your state of mind. We firmly believe that an outfit have to reflect/ emphasize the personnality and enhance the attitude. Whether you are looking for, an elegant and sophisticated allure or a bold and rebellious look, we created our items from a range of high-quality materials such as French silks, Italian viscose jerseys and exceptional leathers. These materials enable captivating combinations that match to the expression of an authentic style.

The black color is predominant in our wardrobe, and is enhanced through contrasted textures to reveal the nature of the different materials through light. Timeless, the color black can be worn for any occasion, it shapes the space and the silhouette by redefining the forms. Unique, intense and deep, black is self-sufficient while also enhancing other colors.

The black palettes resonate between contrasts and balance, featuring various textures and types of materials: matte or semi-gloss finishes, smooth or textured surfaces, deep or transparent blacks. Depending on the texture and nature of the materials, each piece captures the light and expresses its intensity of black in a different way, like the paintings "Outre-noir" by the painter Pierre Soulage.

With our items, everyone is free to compose their own "canvas" by playing with materials, shapes, layers and associations to cultivate their own look. We encourage our customers to express their creativity and personality through our intuitive designs.

Experience our concept and be captivated by the exploration of the contrasts of black materials to express your style in a unique and captivating way.



2D - sculpter la matière selon la morphologie

2D - Sculpt the matter according your body shape 

We believe in the beauty of body diversity and the importance of feeling good in clothing. That’s why we created items designed to be sculpted according to body shape. Whether you want to show off your figure or prefer a more fluid and relaxed fit, our garments adapt to you and allow to feel in tune with yourself// like you belong// , even in all circumstances. We consider clothing as a second skin, which is why our one-size items are sculpted on the body and those made in stretchy materials embrace the silhouette.

We attach great importance to the choice of materials in our creative process. They are carefully selected in France and Western Europe. Our high-end materials stand out by their exceptional qualities, both in terms of their visual, tactile, ergonomic and functional characteristics. We pay special attention to the hand and texture of the fabrics and leathers we use. Touch and comfort are essential for us as they constitute the first contact with the material before wearing a garment. We consider clothes as a second skin, both a cocoon and an armor, enveloping the body, protecting it , enforcing confidence and well-being to face the world.

We ensure the ease of maintenance and durability of our fabrics and leathers. We want our items to be with you through the years, to enjoy their exceptional quality and timeless versatile style.

Enjoy our carefully chosen premium materials, designed to sculpt your silhouette according to your body shape to offer you absolute comfort. With our clothes, you can express your style while feeling perfectly at ease in your own skin.



3D - Transformer les vêtements selon les contextes

3D - Transform your style according the contexts 

At TIMELESS by EYLLYE, versatility is at the heart of our approach. We believe that everyone should be free to transform the pieces according to different context or desires, instead of resorting to a multitude of items that will end up relegated to the back of the closet. We believe that clothes should adapt to different contexts, occasions and desires. That's why our concept allows to easily transform garments to meet ever-changing needs. Whether you want a casual look for the day or a more sophisticated look for the evening, our versatile and multifunctional clothing enable you to switch styles with ease and elegance.

We understand that your schedule can be busy and you don't want to carry multiple outfits. With clothes designed to fit different situations and match different styles, we give the freedom to personalize looks according the occasion. With our range of multiway garments, twist a dress into various kinds, switch into to a skirt, or transform it into a (hooded) (sleeved) top. You can also create plenty combinations by adding or removing elements, adjusting the items or changing the accessories.

In addition to their versatility, our garments are crafted with special attention to quality and style. We select fabrics and design shapes that offer you optimal comfort, with elegance and stylish timelessness. Our goal is to ensure you to always have a sharp and personalized look.

Our collection of versatile and transformable clothing, is designed to accompany you throughout the day, from morning to evening. Transform your style in an instant and express yourself with ease and elegance, regardless the occasion. With our clothes, you will be ready to face all the challenges of everyday life, while staying true to your own style.



4D - cultiver son style au-delà des saisons

4D - Unleash your creativity and expand possibilities beyond time

At Timeless by Eyllye, we are passionate about timelessness and hyper-adaptability. Our creative and avant-garde approach pushes seasonal limits// transcends seasonal boundaries// , offering endless possibilities for combinations and personalization. We offer you the possibility to play with the different items from our permanent collection to create unique looks that reflect your style and unleash your creativity. With our evolving wardrobe, don’t worry about passing trends, just cultivate your own timeless style.

We understand that each individual is unique, with tastes and preferences that evolve over time. That's why we've designed customizable apparel to fit your personal style and offer you limitless customization freedom. You can mix and match the different items from our collection to create outfits that resonate with you and express your personality with authenticity. Whether you prefer bold combinations or more minimalist and elegant ensembles, our evolving wardrobe allows you to let your creativity run wild.

Thanks to our intuitive approach, enjoy items all year round, whatever the season. The versatile items in our collection are designed to be transformable and adaptable to various conditions. So you can create seasonal looks by adding or removing layers, using accessories or playing with textures and colors. Our goal is to provide a sustainable and functional wardrobe that will accompany you throughout the year, without compromising on style.

Stop letting the seasons dictate your style. Explore our customizable collection and unleash your creativity. Express your personal style and create outstanding looks, no matter the season. With our clothing, be sure to always have something new to explore and enjoy in the wardrobe.


personnalisation infinie pour garder, renouveler et optimiser sa garde robe

Endless re-creation : Keep - Renew - Save

At Timeless by Eyllye, our main goal is to offer you a fashion experience that allows you to keep, renew items and optimize your wardrobe. We believe in the value of sustainability and functionality, by offering you premium quality clothing that can be enjoyed for many seasons to come.

Through our timeless and high-quality designs, you can enjoy items beyond seasons and create a wardrobe that stands the test of time. We carefully select high-end materials and superior quality fabrics to ensure the longevity of our items. By investing in sustainable clothing, you also reduce your ecological footprint by avoiding waste and overconsumption.

Items from our wardrobe renews themselfs by their endless variations and combinations. Therefore, We also encourage you to enhance your wardrobe by adding new pieces that alines with your personal evolution and your desires of the moment. Through our evolving approach to clothing, discover new combinations, new styles and experiment with our clothes to create unique and authentic looks.

Finally, we offer you the possibility of optimizing your wardrobe by maximizing the possibilities of combinations and customization through our original items. With our creative approach, you can mix and match our items to create endless different looks. In addition, personalize your style by adjusting the clothes according to your body shape and combine them with our accessories according to the personality.

At Timeless by Eyllye, we are dedicated to providing you with a holistic fashion experience that combines style, durability and personal expression. Join us in our vision of an evolving and intuitive wardrobe, where you can keep your favorite clothes, renew your style and optimize your creative potential.



Evolutive and intuitive wardrobe

EXPRESS YORSELF : Evolutive and intuitive Wardrobe


Dedicated to creative minds, our timeless and evolving wardrobe leads you to think outside the box, it's an ode to freedom and creativity...


  • Refine your style without seasonal constraints. 

We create models that are timeless and permanent within our avant-garde wardrobe. With a dark aesthetic, play on styles, minimalist, rock, chic, … without seasonal constraints


  • An ergonomic design for "easy fit" and one size fits all accessories and clothing.

Always at the right size, in harmony with the body, the pieces adapt and are sculpted according to the morphology.


  • Save space and time, never get tired of clothes

    With endless combinations, our transformable and multifunctional garments can be modulated according to your desires: always have the right piece on hand, play with styles, save time and space, travel light, and never get tired of it.

Explor The Wardrobe


  • Fight against the effects of time.

    Give your skin a second youth, we have developed a set of anti-aging garments, which moisturizes, firms and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin, to fight against the effects of time.

Our Anti-aging range


  • Matching accessories.

Bring a touch of color, coordinating and highlighting your outfit with our leather bracelets, handcrafted in a limited edition in a range of timeless colors.

Bracelets in Limited Edition


  • Keep clothes for longer thanks to their premium quality and timeless style

    We use premium materials that are timeless, comfortable and pleasant to the touch, while being easy to care, so that the pieces retain the same appearance as on the first day.

Discover our Fabrics & Leathers


  • Enjoy exclusive and et personnalized items 

 All our items are entirely made-to-order in France, made to measure and in limited edition, each piece is exclusive and made especially for you.

Our work process


  • Consider the full potential of items, to renew them in an endless way and wear them beyond the seasons.

We have adopted an approach in favor of sustainability through the timelessness of our items but also through our ethical and human values.

 Ethic and Values


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