Our values


Seasonless and adaptable fashion

In order to imply our customers and offer them a fairer way to consume fashion, TIMELESS by EYLLYE is positioned in the Slow-fashion trend. Wearing a garment is no longer ephemeral.

For us, consuming less is consuming better, in line with respect for the environment and sustainability. In order to consume in a different and in a responsible way, it is essential to inform our customers about our values and ethics. We offer fashion that is not restrainted by seasons thanks to an growing timeless wardrobe, which adapts to the mood of our customers.

While respecting a minimalist style, TIMELESS by EYLLYE is in constant research of new shapes of clothing. The development of new cuts allows the pieces to become versatile or adaptable with a minimum of constraints.


Made in France

All our products of ready-to-wear and accessories are "made in France", from the design to the manufacturing.

Attracted by innovation, we are constantly in a research spirit. The drawings, the patterns, the first prototypes of clothes and accessories are made by TIMELESS by EYLLYE.

The different products are made in small quantities or on order to offer exclusive pieces to our customers. Some ranges are made in partnership with French workshops, other pieces  are handcrafted within TIMELESS by EYLLYE.

Respectful of the environment, the transport circuits, of our finished products and our raw materials, are short.


Sustainable garments and quality of the raw materials

Being able to keep your clothes longer and reduce our textile consumption is part of our vision for ethical and sustainable fashion.

We pay special attention to the origin of our raw materials. These are traceable and manufactured in Western Europe. Our suppliers have been selected with the greatest care during various exhibitions, to offer you noble, comfortable and innovative fabrics. TIMELESS by EYLLYE orders textile mainly in France and Italy to preserve a high-end quality.

Textiles are chosen according to their aesthetic characteristics, but also for their quality to last in time. The fabrics play on the contrasts by their appearance or their structure. Our Italian jerseys are low-piling,comfortable and shape the body. Some sculpt the silhouette like a second skin, others much more fluid, give the impression of flowing on the body. Our French silks are light and vaporous like muslin or, on the contrary, they can be satin or stretch while maintaining a fluidity.

Innovative materials, such as the anti-aging textile contributes to the well-being of our customers by offering a new youth through the garment.

The fabrics selected for their low pilling properties, preserve its aesthetic appearance even after several seasons. The choice of a superior textile quality allows the garment to maintain its original shape even after several cleaning procedures (machine washing or dry cleaning).

With this same ethical rigor, we buy our leathers in France from partner suppliers of luxury and high-end brands. The exotic leathers we use (crocodile, python, ...) are traceable and accompanied by a CITES. Grained leathers or the one with relief are available in black, and the colored one are made in soft lambskin. Our leathers are currently used only for the range of bracelets, all of which are lined with black leather.

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