Who never faced …

… lack of space in the wardrobe or suitcase?

… looking for an outfit in a hurry?

… enduring the standardization of shapes or wanting to change a detail which disturbs on clothing?

… Or, have to throw away items we love because they no longer fit, are damaged, or worn out?


These are the recurring issues that we all face one day!

Inspired by the arts and fueled by her experiences in the fashion industry, the designer provides an answer by an intuitive and evolving wardrobe, redefining the relationship to the body, space and time through clothing...

Bridging avant-garde and lifestyle, by founding TIMELESS by EYLLYE, Caroline Dodeller empowers her customers to break free from the constraints of fashion while asserting their own style.



Vision of TIMELESS by EYLLYE's designer



Timeless by Eyllye was born from the vision of the independent French-German designer Caroline Dodeller, to break free from the constraints of fashion, by shaping her designs according their identity and desires. The avant-garde fashion brand celebrates functional minimalism and timelessness (through the color black). It is an invitation to freedom of expression through multiway and hyper-adaptable designs, made in France in limited series, using beautiful European materials.

Graduated in fashion design and pattern-making and holder of a Master's degree in Fine Arts, as passionate about fashion as the arts, sciences, psychology, and new technologies, in the early 2000s she developed a range of "Timeless" clothing outside of the standards. At the same time, advising clients from all walks of life, for many years, reinforces her in the development of original designs, considering both and as a whole, the being, the clothing, and the environment. Her background offers her a holistic vision of “clothing” and the fashion industry, from the design to the manufactring,  from staging a product to customer relations. In her creative approach, she questions the relationship between clothing (through matter, line and surface, form), being (state of mind, body), space and movement, beyond time, to deepen her creative process.

This vision leads her to create a brand that is timeless, disrupting the codes and standards of fashion. The designs are not fixed in one season, but come to compose a permanent and evolving Wardrobe with timeless and hyper-customizable items. Monochrome black color, minimalist functional designs, high-quality and sustainable materials, are the background in our creation of unique, timeless and highly adaptable products, that are also ethical and sustainable.


Inspirations entre art et mode


Inspired by the arts and fashion since forever, the cultural heritage of the designer contributes to the development of refined, functional and elegant items. During her studies in Applied Arts in Paris, she familiarized herself with architecture, design and fashion design, before specializing in design/pattern making in Lyon, where she sculpts garments (on the body) by approaching it like a designer or an architect. In the early 2000s, she developed new concepts and experimented with new clothing shapes, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s the minimalist contemporary architecture (playing on the relationship between inside and outside) and the sculptural fashion of Christòbal Balenciaga (constructing the clothing like an architect).

Inspired by art and architecture, she disrupts codes and breaks down barriers with designs that decompartmentalize the perception of clothing by playing on timelessness and functionality. Influenced by Joseph Beuys’ happening (“I like America, America likes me”), she created a collection of adjustable and modular clothing, layered black felt adjusted by white straps, which will lay the foundations of her current concept. Sleek cuts and layering of fabric to protect the body from external elements, leads her to consider “clothing as both a second skin and armor to face the world, that provides well-being and (re)comfort. »

In 2007, she finalized her Master of Fine Arts, with three dissertations entitled "Between Art and Fashion", "Archi-sculpture or clothing differently" and "Sinnbild". In her artistic work, she combines various mediums and artistic inspirations beyond fashion, drawing inspiration in particular from the "outside-black" paintings of Pierre Soulage, Zaha Hadid’s architectural organic shapes and Le Corbusier's play on proportions and space. The garment is omnipresent in her approach, which she considers as an interactive archi-sculpture with its environment. Sleek, minimalist cuts are reinvented to make the garment modular, like Calatrava's approach to architecture, or transformable like multiway furniture.

During this time, she multiplied collaborations with brands such as various artists (painters, photographers, ...) and affirmed her approach with the "TIMELESS Project."



women's fashion's contraints


Also during more than 10 years, the designer has been advising clients in the boutiques of major Parisian luxury houses. These human interactions, along with her own experience, enable her to report on the various constraints that women constantly face in their daily lives when it comes to fashion. When traveling, one may not have the rigth outfit for the occasion, despite an overloaded suitcase. Renewing one’s wardrobe or finding the right size when in conflict with one’s body can be frustrating and stressfull, just as finding suitable outfits and correspond to oneself can be complex. Although many fear prejudices about their physical appearance, it remains essential to find the right balance between being and appearing to create symbiosis and strive for harmony. Attentive to the needs and desires of a demanding and increasingly mobile clientele, she always finds the items that fit to their personality while highlighting them. All of these human exchanges have contributed to the development of her timeless and highly adaptable designs, for Modern Business Nomads, always on the move, who wish to assert their style without constraints.

By being as close as possible and listening to her customers to understand their needs, their desires and their state of mind, she deepens her creative approach to clothing. For her, inner harmony is paramount and is reflected in attitude, expression and the way one dresses. Whatever the morphology or the small imperfections, self-affirmation and self-expression are the keys to transcending one’s personality. Clothing is above all a means of enhancing one's personality and expressing who one is.




No diktats - Rethink fashion



Driven by a passion for optimizing and personalizing garments, saving space in a wardrobe or suitcase, preserving items over time, she disrupts fashion standards. Compose, decompose, recompose, transform, both objects and clothing, she seeks for maximum of functionality and freedom of modification.



Evolutive Wardrobe


With an insatiable curiosity and obsessed with timelessness and hyper-adaptability, she challenges fashion rules and created the brand TIMELESS by EYLLYE. Taking a more sensitive and emotional approach to the product, she questions the relationship between time and clothing, the space, the contexts in which they are worn, and the constraints of current fashion. By encouraging greater consideration for the real value of things and developing a more concious and intuitive approach, she has recreated a permanent collection of modular, transformable, multiway and comfortable clothing, intended for a "Creative Business Nomads" who cares about their style, the quality and ease of adaptation to needs and desires. With an interest in innovation and new technologies, she also created an innovative capsule collection of Anti-aging clothing to meet the needs of a clients concerned with their physical appearance and their well-being.



Timeless and versatile fashion


In 2016, she presented at Vancouver Fashion Week, "Versatile Black", a composition of designs playing on contrasts of black fabrics, in a rock-chic style. Transposed into a permanent and evolving wardrobe, the minimalist items combine with each other, transform and sculpt themselves on the body, in contrasting black materials. The products in our wardrobe are timeless and seasonless, the garments are modular, transformable and free from size constraints, as are the accessories, while offering endless variations, combination and composition possibilities.

Each item, whether it’s an unique model or made in limited series, is entirely handcrafted in France using exceptional materials selected from our french and italian suppliers and in either limited edition or one-of-a-kind. The exclusive and customizable aspect of each of our designs reinforces our avant-garde and sustainable approach to fashion.




Free Self expression


Our designs are an ode to freedom of expression and movement, allowing  people to break free from trends by cultivating their own style and to no longer suffer from contraints, through mindfull designs and soft and comfortable premium materials. An invitation to creativity by appropriating the items and transforming them according to the contexts and desires, while multiplying the variations of styles by endless combinations.

Through a more intuitive approach, the designer encourages individuals to become one with what they wear, to restore an emotional connection with their clothing by giving them more consideration, and to wear them beyond the seasons.



portrait Caroline Dodeller - créatrice et fondatrice de TIMELESS by EYLLYE

"I create designs that evolve on and with the body, according to space, and beyond time, to adapt without constraints according to the mood of the moment. Items resonate with the personality to create a balance between being and appearing, and enhance the style."



Fashion Designer and Founder of TIMELESS by EYLLYE



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