My name is Caroline Dodeller, I'm the Founder and the Fashion designer of the french brand TIMELESS by EYLLYE.

From a background in fashion design, I have always been interested in the arts, sciences, psychology, but also new technologies. My career allowed me to approach fashion with a 360 ° vision: from creation (through drawing, design and production) to the sales of garments and accessories. My experience in contact with shop customers, allowed me to approach fashion in a different way, so that a garment adapts to everyday’s life and responds to certain needs.

This encouraged me to create a brand that is timeless, where collections are not fixed in a season. Shapes and fabrics are essential in my creative approach, as is the desire to offer ethical and sustainable products.

“Clothing is like an extension of the personality, which establishes a balance between being and appearing.”


The origin of Minimalisme

From French-German origin, when I was a little girl I was passionate about art and fashion. Certainly my Germanic side brought my interest to practical and minimalist things. Greedy of freedom and discoveries, after high school, I decided to follow studies in Applied Arts in the area of Paris, where I was introduced to architecture, design and fashion design. My heart swinged between contemporary architecture like Frank Lloyd wright and fashion in the line of Christòbal Balenciaga for my comming studies ... Finally, I went to Lyon to get specialized in fashion design / sewing and learned to build up the garment on the body.

At that time, in the early 2000s, I like to develop new shapes of clothing. Like a researcher, I immerse myself in art and architecture to develop my collections. Inspired by a happening of Joseph Beuys, I create a collection of versatile clothing in black felt underlined with white straps. The cuts were minimalist and the layers of fabric were superimposed as to protect the body from external elements. From there is born this idea :

"The garment is like an architecture that comes to protect the body to bring well-being and comfort."


Customer experiences

After my studies in fashion design, I return to Paris. The background was that I started my professional life in contact with customers rather than in fashion studios. During several years, I worked in designer boutiques, for various luxury and high-end fashion brands. This time was a very rich experience by advising and exchanging with various customers as well national and international.

I regularly met clients accustomed to travel and I noticed that the problems were often the same, whatever the social class. Most women will recognize themselves .... go on a trip and never wear everything of what you brought with you, or just not take the right stuff with you. There is always a too much or a not enough, but never the right balance of what is needed. Paradoxically, most of women shop to respond to a need or a desire of the moment, knowing that the suitcase is already full. Moreover, it is a projection of our closets, where we only wear ¼ of what is in it ...

Sometimes I also dressed women who dared not show their silhouette as in their youth. By aging, most cared about the appearance of their body and the look of people on their clothing choices. They did not feel comfortable wearing low-cut dresses, bare arms, or skirts above the knee. They feared being judged on aesthetic values ​​related to age. I could understand with empathy the apprehension of my clients.

At that time, I was at the closest and listened to customers to understand their needs, their desires and their state of mind. Above everything, the most important for all of us is to feel in harmony with ourselves. Well-being is felt in our attitude, our expression, the relationship to others or in what we wear. Regardless of the morphology or the various small imperfections, it is a matter of acceptance and self-confidence that counts. The garment is essentially a way to beautify us, amplify our personality and reveal who we are.

All these human exchanges, the listening, the advices and the relation to the customers nourished and reinforced my creative approach to the garment.


Between Art and Fashion  

Although my experience allowed me to discover everything related to a shop and its logistics, but the need of creation itched me. Very often, in this kind of job, one is led to physically erase his personality, and having a military organization is essential.

Simultaneously, I took plastic and graphic arts courses at the university. I finalize my studies with written memoirs entitled "Between Art and Fashion", "Archisculpture or the garment otherwise" and "Sinnbild". At this time, I deepen my concept and decompartmentalize the sectors beyond fashion by mixing various mediums and artistic inspirations. The black color of Soulage’s paintings permeates my work by this non-color that plays with the light to reveal the texture’s effects. I played with shapes, on full and empty, just as with contrasts and balance. Clothing was ubiquitous in my artistic approach, and I was as fascinated by Zaha Hadid's almost organic architecture as by Le Corbusier's play with proportions.

I consider clothing as an archisculpture that interacts with its environment.

The cuts, pure and minimalist in the manner of Nordic or Japanese designers, are reinvented. I exploit all the potential of the shape to make the garment versatile, much like Calatrava did in architecture.

"The garment evolves on / with the body and in / with the space."

On day I worked in the shop, and the other part of the time the creation never let me go. I continued creating clothes, developed models and multiplied collaborations with various artists and stakeholders.


Responsible Fashion

No moment is really perfect to create one's activity, especially in the field of fashion, but it was a long time dream. Curious about everything, I foster with what surrounded me and learned from several subjects to propose another approach of fashion and create my brand TIMELESS by EYLLYE.

Inspired by a woman "ever n the move", the range of versatile clothing is practical and comfortable. These pieces allow a gestural fluidity and adapt to the mood as to the context. The Anti-Aging set is also based on the observation of the lacks in industry and needs of my past clients. Well-being and relationship to the body are paramount, and my interest in innovation and new technologies led me to develop this tiny line.

Then come the opportunity to present a new collection at Vancouver Fashion Week. In the same minimalist and graphic line, the wardrobe is composed by more varied shapes and a wider choice of fabrics. The collection is more diversified and brings together unconditional basics, versatile or adjustable clothing and accessories.

Wanting to stay in a slow-fashion style, Timeless by Eyllye have a limited product offer, with a wardrobe that complements over time.

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